New Jersey Used Car Lemon Law

We’ve taken what we believe are the highlights of New Jersey Lemon Law and compiled them for your convenience. Find out if your vehicle is covered by New Jersey’s lemon law!

The New Jersey Attorney General’s website has all information you would want to know about the used Car Lemon Law in New Jersey. Their site is complete and easy to use. We’ve taken what we believe are the “highlights” of New Jersey Used Car Lemon Law and compiled them below for your convenience. All the information below was taken from the New Jersey State Attorney General’s website.

Please note, the information provided is not meant to take the place of an experienced warranty law attorney. For specific warranty law needs, please contact your local bar association for a recommended lawyer near you.

For Used Cars:

What’s covered?

  • Used passenger cars purchased from licensed used car dealers
  • Used car dealers are required under the law to provide a warranty on the used car to the consumer
    • Sometimes dealers will offer a lower price in exchange for the consumer waiving their right to a warranty. This can only occur if there are more than 60,000 miles on the odometer of the car and the consumer agrees to the waiver in writing.

What’s NOT covered?

  • Cars sold for less than $3,000
  • Cars that are seven years or older
  • Cars declared a total loss by an insurance company
  • Cars that have more than 100,000 miles on their odometer
  • Cars that weren’t bought from a dealer


  • The law states a dealer must “correct a material defect of the used vehicle”
  • The law also lists specific parts that are covered under the law – those include, but are not limited to:
    • The engine
    • Transmission Automatic/Transfer Case
    • Transmission Manual/Transfer Case
    • Front-Wheel Drive
    • Rear-Wheel Drive

Filing a Claim

  • Under the law, the warranty requires the dealer to fix the defective or malfunctioning part of a used car which was covered by the warranty if the defect or malfunction occurred during the valid warranty period
  • The consumer is responsible for taking the car to the dealer
  • The consumer may be entitled to a complete refund if the following conditions are met:
    • The dealer was unsuccessful in fixing the same defect at least three times
    • The car was unable to be used 20 or more cumulate days due to it being in the shop for repairs
  • There is a $50 co-pay for each time the defect is repaired – the consumer pays this fee
  • It’s very important that the dealer be made aware of any defect or malfunction as soon as possible
  • The dealer must be given at least three tries to fix the defect or malfunction
  • Be sure to keep all documents, receipts, etc…related to the repairs and defects as they will assist you in proving your lemon law case

Before Buying a Used Car

  • Check for leaks – oil, gas, transmission, steering, break or antifreeze fluids
  • Do a test drive and make sure you drive the car yourself, don’t just be a passenger
  • Take the car to an independent mechanic who can perform a standard evaluation – preferably someone you’ve worked with before, who knows you

Where to go for more information

  • On the web at
  • Call the Used Car Lemon Law Unit at: 973-504-6226
  • Write to them at:

    Used Car Lemon Law

    124 Halsey Street

    PO Box 45039

    Newark, NJ 07101

The following links provide more information about New Jersey’s Lemon Law. We recommend visiting the New Jersey Attorney General’s website for more information, including links to their Lemon Law Fact Sheets and Arbitration Program.

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