State Do-Not-Call Registry

State Do-Not-Call lists work just like the National Do-Not-Call Registry. Adding your phone numbers prevents you from receiving most telemarketing calls at home. Several states have created the own Do-Not-Call Registries to protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls. This page has lists the state Do-Not-Call programs and includes the information you need to have your … Read more

Do Not Call Registry

The National Do-Not-Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home but there are a few details you should know about! We all hate telemarketers and not just the con artists. No one likes that perfectly timed sales call that interrupts your family meal or wakes you up when you’re … Read more

Federal Telemarketing Regulations

In addition to state regulations, telemarketers must adhere to Federal telemarketing rules. These regulations empower you to prevent telemarketing calls and fight telemarketer fraud. Some of the Federal Telemarketing Rules & Regulations Once you tell a telemarketer you don’t want them calling you, it’s illegal for them to do so. Telemarketers are restricted to calling … Read more

Travel Scams

Free or bargain Dream vacation offers can quickly turn into nightmares if you answer a telemarketers siren call and fail to heed the warning signs. Have you seen offers for free trips at restaurants and other businesses and thought about filling out the forms? If you have, think again. Everyone that fills one of these … Read more

Rip and Tear Schemes

This telemarketing scam technique allows criminals to collect money from their victims while minimizing their risk of being arrested. As Federal, state and local law-enforcementhave improved at detecting and apprehending telemarketers, the crooks have devised sophisticated tactics to improve their chances of getting away with the crime. These tactics have become known as “Rip and … Read more

Recovery Room Scams

In this scam, fraudsters contact victims they’ve already ripped off claiming they work with law enforcement and that they can help them recover their money. If you thought there were limits to how low a telemarketing scammer would go, guess again. Some telemarketers re-contact their victims in order to con them out of even more … Read more

Phone Phishing

Some clever criminals have devised the perfect way to get you to divulge your personal information. They call you up and ask for it over the phone! Many people are aware of phishing scams and would never give out their personal information through email or on a website. However, crooks have long known another way … Read more

Office Supply Scams

Be wary if someone calls and offers to sell you expensive toner or other office supplies before their prices go up. You might not get the high quality office supplies you were expecting! Consumers aren’t the only ones targeted by telemarketing scams. Businesses can also fall victim to fraudulent telemarketing schemes. One of these business-related … Read more

Magazine Sales Scams

Be wary of telemarketers that say you’ve won a valuable prize or gift but have to subscribe to magazines in order to collect your winnings. One of the most common telemarketing schemes involves selling people expensive magazine subscriptions by convincing them they’ve won something. In some cases it’s a well-known and highly publicized sweepstakes. In … Read more

Government Grant Money Scams

You don’t need to join the Federal Grant Association to receive a Federal grant. Fall for this telemarketing scam and you could be out as much as $5000 Wouldn’t it be exciting to get a call from the government informing you that you’ve been approved to receive a Federal grant? I know I could think … Read more