Telephone Company Cramming Fees

Cramming is a common telephone company practice in which services you never agreed to end up on your phone bill Nowadays, phone companies have a lot more to offer consumers than just basic phone services. Some of the phone service add-ons offered to consumers are 3rd party calling, call waiting, call forwarding, directory assistance, conference … Read more

Phony Charity Telemarketing

Fake charities use telemarketing methods as well as email to try and bilk you out of your money by pretending to represent a well-known charitible cause. No one likes feeling like a jerk. So when telemarketers claiming to represent charities call asking you for a donation it’s hard to say no. Telemarketers know this and … Read more

Boiler Room Schemes

They may not actually use a boiler room but these direct marketing scams bilk people out of millions of dollars every year Boiler Room is a term that describes a business operation set up as a direct marketing company that will usually use telephone to solicit sales. Some boiler room operations are legitimate and sell … Read more

809 Area Code Scam

Don’t get tricked into making a very expensive international phone call to an 809 area code because these calls can cost up to $25 per minute! This is an ingenious but cruel phone scam. It aims to frighten you so badly you make a call to an 809 area code right away without thinking. If … Read more

Fax Scams

Crooks have learned how to use fax machines to their advantage by employing underhanded techniques designed to con people out of their money. Fax machines continue to be a necessary evil in many offices and businesses around the country. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with them. We can’t live with them, we can’t … Read more