Turnkey Websites

This late-night informercial favorite claims the money will just roll in once you set up your online store and you have to do practically nothing.

You may have seen these “turnkey” websites advertised on a late night television infomercial or in a magazine somewhere promising overnight guaranteed success.
While that sounds great there are at least two huge red flags here. Instant success can never be guaranteed. You might be able to make
money, even a lot of money, with one of these turnkey websites but the only way you could possibly do that is throuh time and effort.
This is all assuming that the business selling you the turnkey website solution isn’t a total scam. You could get nothing at all for your
money, a website so crummy that you’d wish you have gotten nothing or you might get a halfway decent site with no technical support to
speak of.

Our advice is to steer clear of anything that promises instant success with a moneyback guarantee. There are legitimate
companies out there for turnkey websites with quality products but don’t get suckered by the lure of easy money. Make sure you do some
research first if you do decide to purchase a turnkey website and turn it into your home based business.

Turnkey Website Infomercials

One of the best known turnkey websites that has been featured on a long-running infomercial promises to refund your money if you cancel within 30 days. Many people have complained that
the cancellation process is so difficult that it’s almost impossible to get your money back. They also promised guarantees of income with accompanying
testimonials without any basis in fact according to the FTC. Not only that but the program itself is so preposterous that once you understand the program you realize that it would be impossible to turn a profit. They might also try to con you into spending even more money to get on the “fast track” to success. One might wonder why this fast track wasn’t mention on the infomercial
in the first place. This is pretty typical scam stuff here folks. Once you fallen for the initial scam the ripoff artists will offer you
some additional opportunities to lose money. Someone is definately going to be making overnight money here but it’s not going to be you!

Turnkey Website Scam Warning Signs

  • A high income or return on your initial investment is promised
  • You are required to sign up more people in order to make money
  • You are only selling to distributors
  • 30 day, money-back guarantees
  • You are asked to sell products no one would want
  • Your site requires expensive “upgrades” to become viable websites
  • There are hidden fees such as website hosting and payment options
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