Adware is a program that displays unwanted banner ads or popup windows with ads.

You might think that there is only one way to look at Adware. It must be bad because there are Adware detection and removal programs right? The reality is not so simple. Adware is usually bundled with freeware or shareware programs downloaded off the internet. Did you consider the reason that program was free when you downloaded it? It turns out that there are two ways to look at Adware and you should consider both before you either slam or praise it.

The “Adware is bad” position

Adware is really annoying. You thought your popup blocker would stop all the dreaded popup ads and it might have if you hadn’t unknowingly installed adware on your computer. Adware is obviously something none of us would deliberately install on our computers so the companies that create these programs have to resort to trickery and deception to get people to allow them onto their computers. What they do is bundle adware with shareware and freeware programs.

Adware programs are not always the best written software and they can lead to all sorts of unexpected difficulties like logging into websites or accessing secure services or even just checking your email. Adware can also seriously affect your computer’s performance.

The “Adware pays for that free software” position

The other way to look at Adware is through the eyes of the person or company providing the free or inexpensive program you downloaded off the internet. To them Adware is just a way to defray the program’s development cost. They would call it advertiser supported software rather than Adware. Consumers get a helpful piece of software for free and all they have to do is allow some information to go to advertisers. What’s so wrong with this picture? Not only that but consumers often have the option of registering their copy of the program which will turn the advertising off. So it’s a decision each person must make on their own if they’ve decided to use the software.

How to get rid of Adware

Getting rid of these Adware programs should be as easy as going to Add/Remove Programs and simply removing the offending program. Sometimes you do get lucky and this is all it takes but once in a while it takes something more to remove spyware. This is why Adware removal software exists. There are many good options for Adware removal and we recommend that you check your computer regularly to keep it free of Adware. Some of the best adware removers include Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Avast and Microsoft Windows Defender.

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