Medical Billing

Medical Transcription or other jobs that let you handle a company’s billing from the comfort of home seldom pay the high income promised in their ads.

You’ve probably seen classified ads about lucrative medical billing businesses you can operate from home with incomes reaching as high as $50,000 a year and though that sounded very interesting. The reality is that the people advertising these work-at-home medical billing businesses are often untruthful about their true income potential.

The FTC has brought charges on several medical billing promoters for misrepresenting the earnings potential as well as failing to provide the pre-investment information required by law. These businesses promise high income and the possibility of working from home in their ads which usually target people with low-incomes, little work experience and less education than most because the people placing the ads know that this group of people is more likely to fall for the scam.

High Pressure Sales Tactics

Once you call the number in the ad the person you talk to will try to talk you into signing up right away because doctors and other medical professionals are willing to pay top dollar for the services you can provide them from home. All you need to do is pay for the start up kit which will include everything you need to start working immediately including state-of-the-art software and a list of potential clients in your area. The cost of this “kit” is usually $300-$500 and your payment is all you need to get started in your new career as a medical billing service provider. Such an opportunity is music to the ears of many retired people, homemakers and disabled people needing a little extra cash.

What you aren’t told is important

The sad truth is that hardly anyone makes any money at all from these job opportunity schemes and if you make any money at all it’s almost certainly going to be far, far less than what was advertised.

You see, doctors usually process medical claims themselves and those doctors that do contract medical billing out use established and well-known firms and not people working out of their homes. The list of clients you receive will probably be out-dated and contain a list of doctors that aren’t interested in medical billing services. And that state-of-the-art software you paid for probably won’t work or won’t be what’s used for filing medical claims.

If more people knew that up front they probably wouldn’t waste their hard earned money in the first place. It’s the withholding of the fact that you can’t really make money at this business that makes promoting home medical billing a scam and against the law. The people running these scams just want your money and the fact that they prey upon the desperate and uninformed is beneath contempt.

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