Bulk Mail Ponzi Schemes

Make money by signing up people who will make money by signing up even more people

You will receive unsolicited bulk spam email inviting you to join in on a very rewarding bulk email enterprise. You will be enticed to enroll in this program because it offers the opportunity to make very large sums of money will little investment.

Like most Ponzi schemes you will be required to pay a fee up front and then will be given the opportunity to sign up as many individuals as you want in you down line to sell them the same information and mass email system.

The costs can be very small so will seem like it is a good investment and you will be offered a portion of every down line participants income. The cost can be anywhere from $20 to $50 and a lot of people fall for this one.

Ponzi Scheme Warning Signs

You will be told that this system is in operation in over 100 countries and that the potential is huge but there will be few, if any, details on the program. That’s probably because there are no details beyond getting you to sign up more people so that they can sign up even more people. If the phrase “get in on the ground floor” is used or you see a mention of a “time sensitive window of opportunity” you should stop and think about it. If you get five emails related to this on the same day you should just laugh because the opportunity window has slammed shut. Any system that depends on an exponential process of signing up other people but which offers no actual product or which has the product described in vague terms such as these bulk email scheme offers is almost certainly a scam operation.

How to protect yourself from this kind of scam

The best way to protect your self on this one is to just plain stay clear of these types of offers. One of the ones that is getting complaints is the Web Fisher mass mailing system. Individuals are reporting no payments of downside participants. Steer clear and be on the offensive when getting the “too good to be true” offers. There are really no ways to “get rich quick” so stop and think about any offer that makes such a claim.

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