PIPs PureInvestor Scam

PIPs PureInvestor claims that investors can make 2% a day on their investment but it’s nothing but a classic Ponzi Scheme. That’s right, PIPs is a scam.

People In Profit or PIPs scams are a recent variant of the Pyramid or Ponzi scheme meaning that PIPs is a scam. The guy at the top (Bryan Marsden) gets all the money and you get nothing but a lot of promises. PIPs Pure Investor companies are not what they say they are. They are offering you a chance to throw your money away. As you will see there is no way that PIPs PureInvestor could possibly pay the return on investment that they say they will. You will notice on PIPs forum sites like jollypipster.com or pipsinc.com or pureinvestor.com that members are not allowed to talk to each other about their contracts so that the secret is kept that nobody is making anything while the desperate keep hoping that it’s true and that they are next to receive a payout.

You don’t have to be a savvy investor to see through the lies. You just need to be able to do some basic math and use common sense.

Who are these people claiming they “got paid” by PIPs?

Do you know what a shill is? A shill is someone that runs around posting messages proclaiming how a great something is. But the internet being what it is means that hundreds of posts could be no more than a couple people or even a single person busily creating forum accounts and using multiple logins to create the appearance that PIPs PureInvestor really works! Only if you go back to check the math as we did you know that these people cannot possibly be telling the truth. No matter how fantastic the earnings claims(2% a day) of PIPsInc and how many people are talking about income one could only dream of, an intelligent person knows that there is no such thing as free money and that PIPs has to be a scam.

You can make 2% a day by investing in PIPs Pureinvestor?

Some PIPs Investment scams you can find on the internet promise returns of 2% a day. Think hard about this for a minute. Checking your math: A 2% increase is a multiplier of 1.02, so a 2% increase for 1,825 days is a multiplier of 1.021825, or 4,958,079,264,200,877.85, rounded a bit. Shift the unrounded value left by five digits to represent the initial investment of 100 grand, and we get $495,807,926,420,087,785,122 and 80.2 cents. That’s nearly 500 quintillion dollars in the U.S., about 270 million billion pounds, around 389 quintillion Euros or nearly 53 sextillion yen.

A $100 thousand initial investment becomes larger than the estimated GWP after just 1,013 days, or two years and nine months or so. And it would pass the 2005 budgeted Federal spending for the U.S. after just 857 days, or two years and about four months.

No matter what the initial investment, at 2% per day it would double every 36 days. Well, slightly more than double, as 1.0236 is real close to 2.04. So, if a person were to initially invest just a thousand bucks, the above calculations on $100,000 would become true after less than seven 36-day periods go by (in other words, at 2%, $1,000 becomes $100,921.55 in 233 days). After this we are at the first calculation which gives us 500 quintillion dollars in another 1,825 days which even the dullest tool in the shed should see as being impossible.

The Cult of PIPs PureInvestor

Anyone that dares question the validity of this program had better be ready for what follows. Criticism will be turned around and the person questioning the program will find themselves the subject of criticism. This is class cult behavior and it’s not hard to see why the members would behave this way. PIPs PureInvestor is based on faith. Faith that investing in PIPs will bring in financial rewards most people can only dream of. After a while it will become a dream just to get their initial investment back. But until then investors absolutely must believe in the person running the show because once that faith begins to waiver the investor will have to begin to face the fact that they have lost their investment. In light of this it’s easy to see why the PIPs PureInvestor community is so eager to pounce upon any doubter. What’s sad is that eventually every PIPs investor will be wearing the doubter’s shoes but most will remain silent because they will have seen what happens and this is exactly what the people running PIPs are counting on. Too many questions could bring the entire house of cards down before they can skip town.

The PIPs Pure Investor Shroud of Secrecy

Even with tens of thousands of members not one of them can produce proof that Bryan Marsden or his PIPs crew have transferred money. We are talking legitimate trading documents and not crude photocopies. When asked to produce such documents or any kind of proof of trades or investments Bryan claims that it’s all secret. No real business operates this way and any savvy investor should demand to know exactly how they are going to make money. To invest money in an operation such as Pure Investor that claims it’s dealings are secret borders on insanity.

Members are also told not to share the details of their contracts with other members and doing so will invalidate their contract. So if you feel cheated and want to check things out with other members you get nothing. This is not a big loss in the end because PIPs won’t pay you anything anyway. Stop and think about all these layers of secrecy a moment. How do you know that anyone makes anything? Just where does your money go and how is Bryan going to produce this income for you and all the other PIPs members? And how will you know if no one makes a dime?

They say that a fool and their money are soon parted. Don’t let PIPs PureInvestor scam make a fool out of you. They say PIPs will make you jolly but a Jolly Pipster is exactly what you won’t be and the only people in profit will be the crooks running the show.

Can I recover money I lost in the PIPs Scam?

I hate to break this to you but if you did lose any money making a PIPs investment you are probably not going to see any of it again. It is possible that if you gave your PIPs money to a local intermediary who then sent the money on to Malaysia you could sue the pants off them. There are also websites and forums that have promoted PIPs as a sound investment and if I knew of one that had helped bilk me I would certainly consider some kind of legal action. Then there are the shills I spoke of earlier that keep posting and announcing that they “got paid” from PIPs thinking they are anonymous and immune from prosecution. The reality is that the web is far from anonymous and the parties that made such claims can be easily tracked down if someone requests the information from their ISP. PIPs is considered to be an illegal activity so getting “paid” could mean all kinds of trouble for the idiot dumb enough to let the whole world know. Think about how much trouble the income tax evasion aspect could get someone into! That was the good news. The bad news is that if you sent your payment directly Pipsinc in Malaysia there is just about no chance at all of doing anything. This one will just have to be chalked up to experience. I know that it’s a hard pill to swallow but anyone expecting the kind of returns promised by Bryan Marsden and Pips Inc should have been prepared to lose their money.

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3 years ago

I was talked into investing in pureinvestor.com many years ago. I just found old paperwork and was seeing what happened. So back when I had an AOL account I invested between $1000-$2500. I was not stupid so I would take the profit every few months. To the best of my recollection I did receive about 4 payments from them between $1200 to maybe close to $5000 but my last transfer which would have been about $20,000 was never received. I just wanted to note that I was a lucky one who did get my money and more back. I guess better than a kick in the pants