New Mexico Lemon Law – Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act

In New Mexico, the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act or “Lemon Law” applies to both new and used cars. If you think you’ve been sold a lemon, find out if the law applies to your purchase.

New Mexico’s New Car Lemon Law covers:

All vehicles sold as either new or “demonstrators” by any New Mexico dealership to any consumer

Warranty Period

A one year period, after the buyer takes possession or when the manufacturer’s warranty expires – whichever occurs first, which during this period the manufacturers and/or their authorized dealers must repair any and all defects that seriously impair the market value and use of the car.


In order to be eligible for replacement or repurchase under the New Mexico “New Car Lemon Law”, the following criteria must be met, during the one year warranty period:

  • The problem continues to exist after four or more attempts to repair it occurred; OR
  • The car wasn’t able to be used due to repairs of the same problem for a collective total of 30 business days or more.

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