Florida Lemon Laws – Motor Vehicle Defect Notification Form

Download the Florida Motor Vehicle Defect Notification Form and read our guide on how to fill it out where to send it

How To Use The Motor Vehicle Defect Notification Form

Download Defect Notification Form

The Defect Notification Form is provided as a way consumers can notify vehicle manufacturers that they’ve reached a particular point in the repair process with their suspected “lemon” vehicles. This notification is required under the Florida Lemon Law after a minimum of three repair attempts have been made for the same condition or defect or the vehicle hasn’t been able to be used for 15 or more days as a result of repairs done on the same condition or defect. While the use of this specific form is optional, written notification to the manufacturers is mandatory under the law.

  1. Click on the link above to download the form. Fill it in starting with the box that fits your repair situation. It’s OK if both situations apply, just simply check both boxes. If only days-out-of-service applies, you don’t need to describe the defects.
  2. Once the form is completed, make three copies:

    a. Copy number one should be sent to the manufacturer(s) via U.S.mail using express service or certified mail with a return receipt requested. Never send this form to the dealer you purchased the vehicle from. If you have an RV or conversion van, multiple forms may need to be sent to each of the individual manufacturers whose various products made up your RV or conversion van. Addresses for the manufacturers should be in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

    b. Copy number two should be kept in a safe place along with all related mail service receipts as it will be needed for arbitration.

    c. Copy number three needs to go to: Office of the Attorney General, Lemon Law Research Unit, The Capitol, Tallahassee 32399-1050. Regular U.S. mail service is OK for this copy. Please note that this office is for purely research activities only. Sending it there won’t start an arbitration claim. We recommend visiting the Florida State Attorney General’s website for more detailed information on filing a claim.

  3. If your situation is due to “3 or more repair attempts”, the manufacturer has 10 days from the date they signed your return receipt to contact you and arrange for one last repair attempt at a repair shop near you. This “last ditch” appointment should occur within a sensible timeframe from when the manufacturer contacted you. Be sure to note the date you were contacted by the manufacturer as they aren’t required to do so in writing.
  4. If your situation was due to “days-out-of-service”, then you need to take your vehicle to the dealer and give them or the manufacturer one last chance to diagnose and/or repair the vehicle. Do this only after having received the manufacturer signed return mail receipt.
  5. Whether or not any actual work is done, it’s important to get a legible, written repair order when you take your vehicle to the repair facility for that last repair attempt. If they give you a hard time about the repair order, politely remind them that you are entitled to it under the Florida Lemon Law. Be sure to keep this repair order, all other repair orders, the copy of your defect notification and return mail receipt as all of this will be needed if you should need to file for arbitration.
  6. For more information regarding Florida’s Lemon Law…
    • Review the “Consumer Guide to the Florida Lemon Law” given to you at the point of vehicle purchase
    • Contact the Lemon Law Hotline at 1-800-321-5366, if in Florida; or (850) 488-2221, if out-of-state
    • Visit the Florida State Attorney General’s website at myfloridalegal.com/

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Motor Vehicle Defect Notification Form

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