Affinity Fraud

Affinity scams use your trust in personal relationships against you Affinity Fraud is a type of scam that takes an emotional as well as financial toll on its victims. This is any one of many scams that are designed to prey on individuals based on the trust of the conspirator. Friends suddenly turn into victims … Read more

Hotel Scams

Hotel bills can hold surprising and unexpected charges unless you think twice before taking advantage of a hotel’s convenient services. The room rate hotel’s charge you is often not the only charge you’ll see on your final bill. These are additional charges you might find if you’re not careful. Taking advantage of any one of … Read more

Credit Card Skimming

Because of credit card skimming, consumers aren’t the only ones concerned about credit card theft. Skimming is a crime that involves grabbing the data off of your credit card at the point of sale and using that data to manufacture fake credit cards or purchase items using the data. A dishonest employee (grocery checker or … Read more