Credit Card Validation Code Scam

When someone calls claiming to work for your credit card company, don’t even think about divulging your validation code over the phone to them because they already should have it The callers don’t ask for your credit card number because they already have it. Credit card numbers aren’t all that difficult for a crook to … Read more

Improving Credit Score

Understanding the importance of your credit score and how to keep it high can save you a lot of money in interest and could even help you get a job. Despite the importance placed on credit scores in determining how much credit a lending institution can risk loaning you either directly or by giving you … Read more

Credit Card Fraud

What do you do if your credit card is lost or stolen? Discovering and reporting the theft immediately lets you off the hook! Credit card fraud is one our worst fears. It can happen anytime. It can occur when you are out shopping right under your nose. It could happen in your sleep while a … Read more

Debt Elimination

Credit Card Debt Elimination companies lure victims by promising to not just consolidate credit card debt but completely wipe them out. A promise that’s hard, if not impossible, to keep. Many people out there feel the burden of credit card debt pressing down on them and are desperate to find a way out. Unfortunately there … Read more

ATM and Debit Card Fraud

ATM scams are becoming increasingly widespread because criminals are employing hi-tech methods to hack into your bank accounts ATM fraud is on the rise, law enforcement officials say, because thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated. Criminals have become very clever at finding new ways to access your funds so consumers need to pay careful … Read more

Lottery Scams

The classic lottery scam with some identity theft thrown in on the side to help trick you out of your money while damaging your credit Lottery scams are hardly new and all of the elements of this version are tried and true scam artist methods designed to trick people out of their money. The latest … Read more

Sweepstakes Scams

Don’t get so excited about winning a sweepstakes that you end up losing money to a scam artist! Every day, thousands of Americans receive sweepstakes offers, but not all of them are legitimate. How can you tell the difference between a real sweepstakes and a scam? Even the real sweepstakes use deceptive practices which add … Read more

Contest Scams

You won something in a contest you don’t even remember entering but and then you’re asked to pay a small fee to collect it. What’s wrong with this picture? How much did you say that prize will cost me? When you are asked to pay a fee to claim a prize you should think twice … Read more

Bird Flu Scams

Bird Flu scams that take advantage of your fears regarding the H5N1 virus could put you at risk by creating the illusion of safety The impending bird flu pandemic has been reported steadily in the media for many months. It’s a good story albeit a frightening one with the potential, should a pandemic actually occur, … Read more

Airline Ticket Scams

Instead of saving money on tickets scam airline web sites could end up robbing you two different ways The internet is a great place to find good deals on airline tickets. Consumers need to use caution, however, as there are several sites offering deals too good to be true. Take them up on the deal … Read more