Gold Financing Agreement Scams

Think twice when presented with easy profit promises from buying gold, other precious metals or other commodities There are companies claiming easy money for investors through the purchase of precious metals using a finance agreement. Consumers need to be especially aware of these scams. Most of the time, these companies lure investors in by offering … Read more

Oil and Gas Investment Scams

Many oil and gas investments are legitimate but scams lie in wait for the uwary investor eager to capitalize on the opportunities created by skyrocketing energy costs. What are Oil and Gas Investments? There are many varieties and flavors of oil and gas investments. They include limited partnerships, complex lease agreements, and general partnerships. Limited … Read more

Mining Investment Scams

Mining scams are just like all the other scams involving investments; they use the promise of big returns and deception to lure you in. No industry is immune to investment scams, including Mining. There’s a long and sordid history of mining investment scams. Similar to cons in other industries, Mining Investment Scams have been able … Read more

Business Opportunity Scams

Don’t fall victim to a business opportunity scam by doing your homework and being alert for investment fraud warning signs. Every year, thousands of consumers across the nation fall prey to fraudulent business opportunity promoters, even though many potential entrepreneurs are diligent about meeting with the promoters, checking references and verifying the business’ legal status … Read more

Bulk Mail Ponzi Schemes

Make money by signing up people who will make money by signing up even more people You will receive unsolicited bulk spam email inviting you to join in on a very rewarding bulk email enterprise. You will be enticed to enroll in this program because it offers the opportunity to make very large sums of … Read more