Detect Spoofed Emails

Detecting spoofed emails is one of several methods you can use to identify a phishing attempt before you become a victim The most obvious method for detecting “SPOOFED” email is to look in the FROM field of the email. If the e-mail address displayed is different from the known e-mail address of the person who … Read more


Watch out for these sneaky scams that try to trick you into giving your personal information to crooks One of the most dangerous internet scams is the one commonly referred to as Phishing. Phishing scams come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from crude to highly sophisticated schemes with phony websites resembling those of Pay … Read more

Online Auction Scams

According to the FTC, online auctions are one of the worst internet scams, separating the most people from the most money. Fraud runs rampant in the area of online auctions and you have to constantly be on your guard for anything that seems fishy. This is an ongoing and unscrupulous way of separating good but … Read more

Nigerian Check Scams

Counterfeit checks often used by people operating Nigerian scams and if you try to cash one, you’ll be responsible for paying the money back to the bank. The need for greed will always prevail and the most honest of people can fall victim to the following new scam. The offers are posted on online services … Read more

Nigerian Email Scams

Nigerian scams turn your own greed and desire for wealth against you and into a way of emptying your bank account Chances are you’ve already encountered the 419 scam (titled after the law that pertains to it). Also known as the “Nigerian Email Scam” it’s usually sent via email but can also arrive in letter … Read more

Lottery Scams

How can you win a lottery when you can’t remember buying the lottery ticket? This is yet another scam you probably find regularly in your email inbox. It seems that you’ve won some sort of lottery, often in another country, that you’ve never heard of. Well isn’t that just fantastic! All you need to do … Read more

Fake Escrow Sites

Too much trust can cost you big time when it comes to escrow companies on the web if you are tricked into using a real looking yet fake escrow site. Fake escrow web sites may be one of the most successful internet scams of all time. This is because they prey on big ticket auction … Read more

Avoid Ebay Scams

Asking these questions before making bids on online auction sites like eBay can greatly reduce your risk of falling victim to a scam. We found this list of online auction buyer tips on the web and thought that we should share them. This list of questions should never go unasked when making bids on eBay … Read more

Auto Dialers

Those huge phone bills from long-distance calls you never made may have been made by your computer while you were asleep! People can take advantage of your modem without your knowledge to make long-distance telephone calls and bill them to your phone account. This is done through the use of computer programs you may have … Read more

Advance Fee Scams

How to Avoid Advance Fee Scams Learn to recognize and avoid advance fee scams where you are tricked into paying money up front in order to receive something of greater value. What are Advance Fee Scams? Advance fee schemes describe a situation when a victim agrees to pay money up front with the expectation they … Read more