Parking Lot Scams

When parking your car at a lot or garage, be wary of the parking attendant asking you for money because they may not really work there and your car could be towed away. Parking your car can be an expensive affair. They get you when parking near the stadium for a ball game, in garages … Read more

Odometer Rollback Scams

Rolling back a car’s odometer can inflate the resale value of a high-mileage vehicle and increase repair costs down the road. Anyone buying a car checks the odometer because a vehicle’s mileage affects its value. The higher the mileage is the less you pay and vice versa. This makes tampering with the odometer very tempting … Read more

Gas-Saving Scams and Tips

Gas Saving Devices Many consumers have purchased gas-saving devices in the hopes of saving money at the pump, but how do you know which, if any, actually work? Thanks to the high price of gas and the desire everyone has to save money at the pump, a number of devices have appeared on the market … Read more

Curbstoning Scams

Cubstoners are trying to get around the law by selling their cars on the street by pretending to be private sellers Curbstoning is the practice of auto dealers masquerading as private parties when selling their cars. Curbstoning car dealers use the practice as a way to sell inferior cars to unsuspecting consumers. There is probably … Read more

Car Leasing Scams

Make sure you read the fine print before you sign that car lease because what you find there could surprise youLeasing a car may not be in your best interest; however, auto dealers don’t want you to know that. They frequently employ tricky maneuvers to tempt you to lease rather than purchase. It’s important to … Read more

Car Insurance Referral Scams

Paying for referrals makes auto related services more expensive when business owners raise rates to cover this hidden fee which leads to higher car insurance premiums. As the holder of an auto insurance policy, you share something special with every other policy holder – when one of you becomes the victim of an auto insurance … Read more

Car Insurance Company Practices

The repair shop rip-off takes a new twist as insurers cut costs by openening their own car repair businesseses. Insurance companies have started buying or investing in car repair businesses about three years ago. Insurance companies owning a car repair facilities can result in the consumer receiving bad service and inferior replacement parts. Many people … Read more

Car Insurance Accident Scams

Many car accidents are just insurance scams that consumers end up paying for through higher premiums. You’re driving down the street or a highway or freeway and are suddenly involved in an accident. Not just any accident, but a carefully orchestrated and scripted accident where you become the victim of a scheme to dupe your … Read more

Car Dealership Scams

Auto Dealer Loan Kickbacks Unscrupulous car dealerships can’t wait to pick your pocket One of the auto industry’s dirty little tricks is the practice of lenders giving kickbacks to dealers for charging high interest rates for the car loans. A good example of this would be when a buyer has been qualified for an 8% … Read more

Water Damaged Cars

Beware of Water Damaged Cars Flooding the Market! Don’t get soaked by buying a salvaged flood car because hidden water damage can leave unseen safety hazards. The Better Business Bureau is warning people not to purchase water damaged vehicles or “flood cars” which are sure to hit the market soon if they haven’t already. Have … Read more