Fraud Guides – Investment Schemes, Internet Scams And Consumer Fraud

Learn how to detect and avoid fraud, identity theft, internet scams, consumer ripoffs, con jobs and investment schemes by educating yourself. Fraud Guides is here to help!

Americans lose hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fraud. Billions more are lost world-wide to con artists touting the next great investment idea, guaranteed loans and diets that can’t fail. These con artists or scam specialists do not discriminate between the rich and poor, the young and old, nationality or race. They target the well educated, so-called smart individuals as well as those with less education and sophistication. Their greed knows no bounds.

Use our consumer fraud information to steer clear of consumer-related scams and ripoffs.

Find out how scammers turn your greed against you by visiting our investment scheme section.

Avoid internet scams and protect yourself and your family by learning the tricks scammers use on the ‘net.

Learn the tricks car dealerships, car repair shops, and insurance companies use to separate you from your money.

Visit our Lemon Law Resources section for comprehensive information about your state’s Lemon Laws.

What’s worse than getting ripped off by a scam? Getting conned by a tax scam then going to jail for tax fraud!

Learn the tactics used by shady telemarketers to rip off consumers.

Find how and where to complain or file a report if you’ve been the victim of a scam.

Fight Fraud with Knowledge

Fraud Guides exists to inform the public about scam artists and their tactics so that hopefully you can recognize a scam before you become the victim of one. Most scams are tried and true schemes that have been around for years if not centuries. Once you learn how to recognize a few you will realize how similar most of them are whether they occur on the internet, over the phone or in an ad you respond to in the newspaper.

Arm yourself to fight fraud!

It all begins with educating oneself about fraud. Fraud Guides is here to assist those attempting to do just that. These pages are going to examine several of the investment and consumer scams that have existed for quite some time, several for centuries or more. One would think that after so much publicity and discussion of ongoing scams in both print media and television that people would finally stop falling for these tricks.

Alas, we humans are not smart at times as greed leads our emotions and faults our decision making process. We’ll do all we can to provide the information you need to avoid scams. The rest is up to you!

Finance A Car

Blank Check from CapitalOne – The Easy Way to Finance a Car CapitalOne offers an innovative way to finance an auto.

Buying a Used Car

Don’t get scammed the next time you buy a new car! Follow these steps to steer clear of used

Spot Delivery Scam

Spot Delivery or Yo Yo Financing is a very common car dealership scam designed to ripoff people with bad credit

Car Warranty Scams

Many people have reported receiving postcards alerting them their car warranties are about to expire with a toll-free number they

Towing Scams

Dishonest tow truck operators are hauling away more than illegally parked cars in these widely-practiced towing scams Everyone knows that

Car Title Washing Scams

The lack of vehicle documentation law uniformity from coast-to-coast has led to practice known as title washing. Title washing helps

Car Title Loans

Car title loans are a form of predatory lending very similar to payday loans where your car title is used

Risky Credit Rating Car Financing Scam

This is a very simple scam which involves the finance department of the car dealership telling you that your credit

Car Prep Fee Scams

This car dealership scam lets a dealer pick up a quick profit from consumers in the range of anywhere from $500 – $2000.
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